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Frequently asked questions

  • What categories of the population do you help?

    Our fund does not differentiate people by categories, because, unfortunately, every person can get into a difficult situation and need help. Very often we hear such phrases: “I am a disabled person, I am a pensioner, I have children, so we ask for help,” but when you ask a person how much he is in a difficult situation, it turns out that he has everything, and asks for help, because that's what everyone is doing now. Please don't do this, our desire is to be where we are truly needed and to help those who are truly in distress. Remember this and think about other people.

  • I need help, how can I get it from you?

    The easiest way to register for help is to call the fund, describe your situation and leave a request for help over the phone. You can also ask for help through our social media pages. Up-to-date information about the phone number and links to pages on social networks can be found on the "Contacts" tab of our website.

  • I call the Fund's number, but no one answers me.

    This situation can arise because sometimes there are too many calls, and we simply do not have time to receive them all. No need to worry, all missed calls are saved, allowing us to call you back. So just wait for a call back. Also, please use "auto redial" because it overloads the phone's mobile network and makes it even more difficult to accept your requests for help.

  • You called me, who are you and what do you need?

    Very often we hear this, and even in a rather rude form, when we call back on a missed call. Please save our number on your phone so that you know exactly who is calling you back and spare us the hassle of explaining who we are and why we are calling. This can save a lot of time.

  • I asked for help a long time ago and still haven't received it.

    In this situation, there may be two cases: the first - there are a lot of requests for help and we do not have time, but this happens quite rarely, so periodically call to visit at your request; the most common second case - we brought help, but you forgot, or thought that it was a different organization, or mixed up something else. So please follow your inquiries.

  • We want to send you a collective request for help for our house/street/village, etc., what information do we need to provide?

    In this case, we need a list, preferably compiled in electronic form, in which you indicate: the address of the person, his full name and contact phone number. The information you provide is not used or shared anywhere else, so there is no need to worry. We do not ask for more private personal information.

  • Where are you? Can we come and get help from you?

    This information is confidential and we do not disclose it. If you have a free opportunity to move around the city, then it is better to get help, if you need it, in general places of help in your city: these can be other charitable foundations, city councils, invincibility points.

  • I have the opportunity to financially support the Foundation, how can I do this?

    We will be very grateful for any help. On our website there is a “Make a donation” tab, where you can easily make any contribution, or simply take the details of our Fund. Your funds will be used to help people in need. Reports with photo confirmation of the money used are on the pages of our social networks.

  • Can I donate things to needy people through your foundation?

    We often visit de-occupied settlements where people need things. Thanks to such donations, we have already donated many things to people who need it. Call our Foundation and we will discuss how we can take things from you.

  • Do you cooperate with other charities?

    We are always open to helping people together, because only by uniting we become stronger and more productive. Therefore, we are always waiting for proposals from other charitable organizations to help people.

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If you are in need of temporary asylum, humanitarian aid, or other assistance, please contact us in any convenient way.You can call us, write to us by email, on social networks.

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